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 Park Street FAQs 

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What curriculum do you use?

At Park Street, we teach in line with the Ministry of Education’s Ontario Curriculum. We blend ministry expectations with student interest, and current outside environment focus. With our curriculum, students learn how to relate topics and concepts to themselves, the world around them, and to other subjects/concepts.on go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

How many students are in each class?

All Park Street classes have a maximum of 12 students in each class. This includes our full-time enrollment in the Ontario curriculum, supplemental courses and part-time high school courses.

Can my child remain at their home school while taking a course at Park Street?

If a student is enrolled in supplemental courses or high school courses, they will remain at their home school. If a student is enrolled in our full-time curriculum, it is encouraged that Park Street acts as their home school.

Will tuition be pro-rated if a student joins mid-way through the year?

Yes, depending on when a student begins learning at Park Street, the tuition will be pro-rated. This does not apply to part-time high school courses.

Will my child be in live classes led by a teacher for the full school day?

Yes, all classes are live and led by subject-specific teachers. Classes run from 8:40am – 3:05pm with technology breaks and lunch included. Students are expected to have their camera on to engage, participate and ask questions.

How do you incorporate physical activity into the school day?

At Park Street, our day begins with 20 minutes of physical activity led by our physical education teacher.

How do you ensure that students are not spending too much time in front of a screen?

Our day starts with 20 minutes of physical activity. We also incorporate technology breaks throughout the day where we encourage students to read, go on a walk or practice mindful meditation.

Do the supplemental courses follow the Ontario curriculum?

Our supplemental courses are taught by subject-specific teachers who are experts in the Ontario curriculum. However, these courses are not transferrable to other schools and act as an addition to what students are already learning.

Are you a ministry inspected school?


What is the admissions process?

The admissions process is a collaborative one. Students do not need to complete entrance tests, and instead will participate in a trial day at Park Street to understand if it is a good fit. Students will attend class so they can meet the teachers, students and experience the school firsthand! Following this, we will assess if Park Street is a good fit for the student.

How do you measure individual achievement and progress?

At Park Street we follow Ministry of Education Ontario standards for assessment. Throughout the school year students will have opportunities to demonstrate their prior knowledge, their progress in understanding concepts and their extension of understanding. Assessment practices are broken down into 70% course work and 30% year-end culminating tasks and tests. All assessments are graded in accordance with the Growing Success framework of KICA (Knowledge & Understanding, Thinking & Inquiry, Communication, and Application).

What technology will be used to teach the class and curriculum?

Our classes are taught through Zoom and managed through Google Classroom. GradeLink is the student information system we use to secure all confidential student information.

What is the student life like?

At Park Street, we are committed to creating a full and exciting school community. We achieve this by offering a variety of extra-curricular clubs and activities, creating opportunities for student-led learning and collaboration, and offering both home room time and our innovative supplemental courses. For example, on Halloween our teachers dropped off pumpkins and carving kits at each child’s home and the students and teachers participated in a pumpkin carving contest!

Do you offer Individualized Education Plans and differentiated instruction?

As a ministry-inspected school we closely follow any accommodations laid out in Individual Education Plans (IEP). As a private school we do not conduct IEP testing or creation of new IEPs, however, if you feel that your child would benefit from a psycho-educational assessment we can work with your family on the process of testing, and will implement the completed IEP into your child’s student file. Differentiated instruction is a regular part of our school day. Our educators design and teach lessons that provide multiple avenues to full understanding. We encourage children to advocate for themselves and communicate how they learn best, so teachers are able to adapt lessons to meet the needs of all individuals.

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