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Lightbulb Lab

 Lightbulb Lab

 Cultivate the love of learning 

Why tutoring at Park Street?

We aim for "light bulb" moments for every kid, and to get there,

each one of our tutoring sessions has special ingredients:


Subject specialist educators


Real world connections to the curriculum


Meeting kids where they are and encouraging growth from there

Lightbulb Lab 2

Our educators are specialists in all subjects from grades 4 to 12. They are committed to building kids' confidence and resiliency through our private and semi private tutoring sessions. Whether your kid wants to perfect their critical thinking skills or review the fundamentals of Advanced Functions, our educators are here to cultivate their love of learning. 

Is a Generalist or Specialist Tutor the right choice for your child?
Generalist: An educator who can confidently support a student's learning in key subject areas of Math, Science, English and Social Science. 
Specialist: An educator who is trained and qualified in specific subject areas. 
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