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Building a New Way of Learning

A Park Street education isn’t about upholding long-held traditions and legacies. It’s about new values, and how they can shape the world. A world where everyone has the ability to achieve their full potential because our leaders lift others up. Our mission is to remove barriers to education, and we do that by creating equitable access to high-quality education regardless of socioeconomic background, geography or learning style – so no kid is ever left behind.​

We educate kids through the lenses of empathy and action in a progressive environment so they become people who are advocates and leaders. We inspire them to transform the world into a more inclusive one, shaping a better future for themselves by shaping a better future for everyone.

Too often students experience a gap in education - where they go to school to learn but are forced into a one-size fits all program from which few benefit. Textbooks are outdated and student engagement is low. Park Street has been designed to address the need for new and exciting ways to engage students while offering an enhanced learning environment. From engaging learning materials and student accessibility to safeguarding the wellbeing and mental health of students, we provide life-changing opportunities to all students.


A sketch of Park Street Collegiate Institute, the school that inspired the name Park Street Education.

A sketch of Park Street Collegiate Institute
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