A sketch of Park Street Collegiate Institute

A sketch of Park Street Collegiate Institute, the school that inspired the name Park Street Education.


Park Street offers a unique experience-based education that helps students learn, socialize and develop while earning a valuable education from best-in-class teachers. 

Welcome to Park Street Education! Here at Park Street, our students, teachers, and parents work collaboratively to create a school community that is vibrant, supportive, and accessible.  Our progressive approach to education means that we offer our students multiple pathways to educational success ensuring we meet students where they are, encouraging growth from there. In our fast-paced, ever-changing world, it is important to provide students with learning opportunities that are engaging and connect to the world as they experience it. Our students are encouraged to explore and thrive academically and emotionally, preparing them for the next step in their journey - both in education and their lives.

A picture of head teacher Ms. Julie Champagne
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Ms. Julie Champagne

Head Teacher's Note

Our Story

Park Street is about student accessibility and learning in the new world; a world driven by digital technology and more recently defined by a global pandemic. The idea stemmed from Park Street Founder Mark Harrison and the inspiration he drew from his Father - a retired high school teacher at Park Street Collegiate Institute from Orillia, Ontario - who took a real-world-experiences-approach to teaching that had an incredible, life-lasting effect on his students.


It’s in this same spirit that Park Street focuses student learning on current events and the world around them to prepare them to not only succeed academically but also learn resiliency through empathy, compassion and understanding. Park Street is about fostering individuality and letting students learn and develop at their own pace, in their own way.

Too often students experience a gap in education - where they go to school to learn but are forced into a one-size fits all program from which few benefit. Textbooks are outdated and student engagement is low. Conversely, at Park Street new technologies and enriched immersive media help the classroom span the world and students’ interests. Park Street has been designed to address the need for new and exciting ways to engage students while offering an enhanced learning environment. From world-class curricula and student accessibility to safeguarding the wellbeing and mental health of students, Park Street was founded to add life to every lesson.