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  Meet the Team  

Sam Leach

Co-founder & Curriculum Director

Sam is a full-time English teacher and part-time Harry Potter professor. After having studied at Durham University where she graduated with a First-Class Honours, Sam taught in several boarding schools in the UK before moving across the pond in September 2019. She and Julie Champagne have launched their own tutoring agency called ‘The English Tutor’ which has been supporting children all over the world during the COVID-19 outbreak, including China, India, the UK and Canada. She and Julie are also the architects of Ontario’s first Harry Potter course entitled ‘Harry Potter and the Critical Lens’ which is a Grade 12 University level credit.

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Mark Harrison


Mark wants to change the world, for the better, and with over 30 years of experience-driven sponsorship and marketing expertise, he has learned how strategically thoughtful storytelling can engage, influence and motivate audiences in immeasurable ways.


He is a big believer in purpose, be that brand purpose or people being purposeful in everything that they do. A true innovator and entrepreneur, Mark’s journey has taken him everywhere from student paper editor to published author, from super fan to coach and part-timer to President. Mark’s father, who was a High School teacher in Orillia, left Mark with a lifelong appreciation of great teachers and the difference they can make in a child’s life. It’s this inspiration that led to the creation of Park Street Education.

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