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Lightbulb Lab

 Lightbulb Lab 
Enrichment Courses

 Cultivate the love of learning 

Our 12-week after-school courses are interactive and are conducted live by OCT certified (or equivalent) educators or highly qualified graduate and undergraduate students. Students take part in discussions, class activities, and short homework assignments that aid or extend their knowledge of their current curriculum.

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For Summer only: The first sessions begin the week of July 15, 2024 and will run for a 6-week period till August 23, 2024.
*This is open to all students and families registered in Lightbulb Lab.

  • Diversity French - Junior (Grade 4 - 6) and Senior (Grades 7 - 8)
    The Diversity French program caters to Junior (Grades 4 - 6) and Senior (Grades 7 - 8 ) students, focusing on language mastery with a diversity lens. Through activities like exploring refugee narratives and deconstructing stereotypes, students enhance French skills. The dynamic approach includes interviews, akin to a ’French CNN, but PSE Style.
  • How many students are in each Enrichment Course?
    All Park Street courses have a maximum of 15 students in each class.
  • Will fees be pro-rated if a student joins mid-way through programming?
    Yes, depending on when a student begins learning at Park Street, the fee will be pro-rated.
  • Will my child be in live courses led by a teacher if joining virtually?
    Yes, all classes are live and led by subject-specific educators. Students are expected to have their camera on to engage, participate and ask questions.
  • Do the Enrichment Courses and Tutoring follow the Ontario curriculum?
    Our Enrichment Courses are taught by subject-specific teachers who are experts in the Ontario curriculum. However, these courses are not transferrable to other schools and act as an addition to what students are already learning. Our tutoring sessions are student dependent. Materials and topics covered in these sessions are brought forward by the parent and student with guidance from a Park Street Educator.
  • What is the registration process?
    Once parents express interest in our programming, the registration process is a collaborative one. If you are interested in our Tutoring, you will meet with Park Street Educators to determine what your child's needs are. Park Street Educators will then match your child with an appropriate tutor. If you are interested in Enrichment Courses, you can meet with Park Street Educators to learn more or register directly through our website and our Program Director will follow up with you.
  • What technology will be used to lead the courses and tutoring?
    Our classes are taught through Zoom. Parents can book, manage, cancel and pay for tutoring sessions via TutorBird. Parents can also manage Enrichment Course payments through TutorBird.
  • How do you measure individual achievement and progress?
    Progress will be assessed throughout tutoring sessions and at the end of each Enrichment Course package (at the end of the 12 weeks).
  • Do you offer Individualized Education Plans and differentiated instruction?
    We closely follow any accommodations laid out in Individual Education Plans (IEP). However, we do not conduct IEP testing or creation of new IEPs, however, if you feel that your child would benefit from a psycho-educational assessment we can work with your family on the process of testing, and will implement the completed IEP into your child’s student file. Differentiated instruction is a regular part of our school day. Our educators design and teach lessons that provide multiple avenues to full understanding. We encourage children to advocate for themselves and communicate how they learn best, so teachers are able to adapt lessons to meet the needs of all individuals.
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