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 Our Impact 

 No Student is Ever Left Behind 

A Park Street education isn’t about upholding long-held traditions and legacies. It’s about new values, and how they can shape the world. A world where everyone has the ability to achieve their full potential because our leaders lift others up. Our mission is to remove barriers to education, and we do that by creating equitable access to high-quality education regardless of socioeconomic background, geography or learning style – so no kid is ever left behind.

How do we do that?

We’re change-makers and challengers.

The real world is changing every day and we need an education model that moves and evolves with it. We use project-based and experiential learning as our foundation but we’re constantly iterating what learning can be. 

We want to foster a caring, inclusive and diverse environment which includes students from all socioeconomic backgrounds from anywhere across the country. 

Thanks to our generous donors and partners, we support over 100 students per year through the Park Street Education Student Scholarship Fund. If you wish to support a student from an underserved population, donate today.

We educate kids through the lenses of empathy and action in a progressive environment so they become people who are advocates and leaders. 

Just like long division or grammar, empathy can be taught. It is most effectively taught through experience - experiences that expose kids to others, and that encourage them to walk in their shoes. 

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