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TORONTO, ON (August 9, 2022) – Park Street Education announced today that they have been awarded a grant of $300,000 over the next three years from TD Bank Group. The grant will be used for Park Street Education’s after-school reading, writing, math and science program. The main goal of the grant is to positively impact the lives of 100 students per year from underserved populations across Canada by providing them with key learning and life skills.

“We are both thrilled and immensely grateful to have been selected by TD to receive funding that will support after school education. TD's generosity will enable Park Street Education to support children from underserved communities with their academic progress in both individual and small group settings,” said Sam Leach, Park Street Education’s Co-Founder. “As we emerge from a pandemic that had a detrimental impact on many students, the timing is urgent. It is our privilege to put together programming that will not only equip students with essential skills to help them thrive in school, but will also foster a life-long love of learning that will stand them in good stead for their futures beyond school.”

"We are proud to collaborate with Park Street Education and support their suite of programming," said Uma Venkataramaiah, Senior Manager, Philanthropy (Canada), Sustainability and Corporate Citizenship, TD Bank Group "Through the TD Ready Commitment, the Bank's global corporate citizenship platform, we believe that literacy helps to set the foundation for children to succeed in school and in life. We are passionate about supporting initiatives, like this one, that increase equitable access to learning opportunities for children while building strong educational connections."

Park Street Education’s after-school reading, writing, math and science program – known as Lightbulb Lab – is an innovative program that provides students with support and extended learning opportunities, combining real world experiences with accessible education. “The way you engage with students is not a way that most people teach, and you pulled it off flawlessly. It really shows a respect for diverse learning styles,” said a Park Street Parent. Park Street’s after-school Lightbulb Lab programming helps advance students’ reading, writing, critical thinking, comprehension, financial literacy, and any other areas of interest.

With the support of TD, Park Street Education will continue to provide impactful learning opportunities to students from underserved communities who benefit from Park Street’s Lightbulb Lab over the next three years.

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