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NEW School Mascot

Park Street Education is excited to reveal the official school mascot designed by a Park Street student.

As Park Street approaches its second anniversary, an official mascot was the next step to bringing the school together. Miss Lisa held a competition where all student submitted a mascot and the meaning behind it. Grade 7 student, Ryder, submitted an excellent proposal and truly wow'd the selection committee.

Meet Billy the Whale!

Learn about Billy!

One day, Billy the Whale was swimming in the calm water when he saw some kids struggling. Billy went over to help the kids through their struggles and let the kids ride on his back.

Each day he saw more kids and brought them onto his back, but one day the kids were too heavy for him. So, Billy opened a school to teach and help all the kids.

Billy named the school Park Street Education.

Billy and the other Park Street teachers educate kids through the lenses of empathy and action in a progressive environment so they become people who are advocates and leaders. They inspire them to transform the world into a more inclusive one, shaping a better future for themselves by shaping a better future for everyone.

Congratulations to Ryder on creating Billy the Whale and his story. Billy the Whale truly embodies what Park Street Education represents. Thank you and well done to all students who participated in the competition. Park Street teachers and staff are so proud of your hard work and creativity!

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