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Looking Back on Truth and Reconciliation Week

Last week was #TruthandReconciliationWeek, it was a week for everyone to truly listen, amplify and take action towards Truth and Reconciliation.

Park Street is committed to the work of Truth and Reconciliation. We participated in the virtual event for Truth and Reconciliation hosted by The National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (NCTR) on September 30th. Our students joined 500,000 students across Canada to hear the stories of Phyllis Webstad and her aunt, Agnes Jack. Phyllis Webstad, the person behind #OrangeShirtDay, was the featured speaker at the virtual event, 'Beyond Orange Shirt Day'. During the event, she read part of her novel, 'Beyond the Orange Shirt Story.' Our students wore orange in honour of Phyllis' initiative. Pictured below is grade 7 student, Jahzara, sporting her orange shirt.

In addition to the virtual event hosted by NCTR, Miss Champagne taught a special lesson on National Day of Truth and Reconciliation (download for free) the morning of September 30th - National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. The lesson looks at the history of Residential schools, a look at Chanie Wenjack's story, responsible Reconciliation, a deep dive on Orange Shirt Day, and much more! Watch the full lesson to learn more.

We are so proud of our students for engaging and immersing themselves in such difficult conversations while demonstrating empathy and curiosity. We will continue to incorporate Indigenous studies throughout our curriculum, to learn and listen to Indigenous voices and take action towards Truth and Reconciliation.


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