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Homeroomin' A Bit Different

Homeroom: A class to start the school day with announcements and homework checks.

At Park Street Education, we do things a bit differently. In our homeroom, we have all students from grade 4 to 8 together. This togetherness creates team cohesion and rapport among the students. Being together gives each student the chance to learn from one another.

Gathering all grades together allows for students of different ages to create long-lasting bonds. This time spent together in the morning fosters a family-like feel.

Each student is given their own special day each month where they are in charge, aka "the teacher". That morning they lead an activity of their choice for up to 15 minutes. We also do physical activity challenges such as 1-minute jumping jack challenges and fitness circuits.

Overall, here at Park Street Education, we believe every school day should start off having fun with family.

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