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Park Street Education Press Release

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Park Street Education Launches The Park Street Education Student Scholarship Fund in Support of Ontario Youth.

Park Street Education partners with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto to provide more learning opportunities for youth in Ontario.

Donations are now open! Click here to make a contribution.

TORONTO, ON (June 2, 2021)Park Street Education announced today the launch of the Park Street Education Student Scholarship Fund and its associated fundraising campaign, providing full scholarships to elementary and high school aged children across Ontario. The main goal of the fund is to provide scholarship opportunities to children experiencing barriers to education so that no student is left behind, even at the youngest of ages. To deliver on this goal, Park Street is partnering with youth-based organizations, including its first community partner Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto (BBBST), to make the scholarship available to children within their community who may be facing obstacles to receiving quality education.

“We are excited to formally launch the Park Street Education Scholarship Fund and announce our first community partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto,” said Julie Champagne, Cofounder & Head Teacher, Park Street Education. “The fundraising campaign will allow us to provide more full scholarships to youth facing barriers to education and acces

s to an equitable and engaging educational experience.”

In its inaugural year, Park Street Education provided full scholarships to eight students within the Greater Toronto Area, ensuring that quality education, technology, and resources were accessible. Following the positive feedback from students and their families, Park Street Education solidified its partnership with BBBST to extend its full scholarship program to Littles in Grades four to 10 across Ontario.

“Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto is proud to partner with Park Street Education,” said Leanne Nicolle, President & CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto. “Equitable access to education is a vital tool in a young person’s life that both organizations strongly believe in. We are thrilled that a number of our Littles currently participate in Park Street Education programs and look forward to watching more of our community participate, with the announcement of a new Scholarship Fund.”

Park Street Education, which was founded in 2020, believes that every child has the potential to succeed if given the tools to do so. The creation of the Park Street Education Student Scholarship Fund will continue to provide opportunities for children to thrive, regardless of socioeconomic background, geography, or learning style.

Donations to the fund open today (June 2) and will provide scholarships to youth for the 2021/2022 school year. All donations contribute to a youth’s full-time studies, educational resources, after school supplemental programs, and individual tutoring. To donate, please visit our online fundraising page.

To learn more about Park Street Education or nominate a young person in your community for a scholarship, please contact Park Street Education at

Park Street Education

Park Street Education offers an affordable, experience-based education for grades 4 to 10 that is customizable to suit every student’s individual needs. At Park Street, your education goes where you go. Our live online classes enhanced by in-person and at-hom

e experiential learning activities allow students to learn how and where they learn best. Our progressive approach is focused on combining real world experiences with education and making this accessible to all regardless of socioeconomic background, geography or learning style. Park Street Education is committed to accessibility and strives to remove all barriers to children’s education – so no student is ever left behind.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto

At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto (BBBST), we build thriving communities by empowering lives through mentorship. Many young people in our city face adversities in their lives, resulting in toxic stress that can negatively impact their development. With the support of a mentor, they can overcome these adversities and develop the confidence needed to reach their full potential. Visit or follow us @BBBSToronto for more information.


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