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7 reasons your kid should have a tutor

Can your child benefit from tutoring?

There are many misconceptions about tutoring and how it works. If you’re still on the fence about hiring a tutor for your child, here are seven reasons why your kid should have a tutor.

Tutor and student working together on schoolwork.

1. Catching up on learning

This is at the forefront of many parents’ minds as they have seen their children navigate an uncertain learning landscape during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the EQAO test results just released in Ontario, it is likely that your child isn't the only student falling behind! Allowing your child to work with a private tutor can ensure that any gaps in their knowledge are filled before they move onto higher level concepts.

2. Exam preparation and test prep

Tutors can work with students towards a specific goal, helping them learn HOW to prepare for a test, manage their time and revise in a productive manner. Working with a tutor can help provide structure to test preparation.

3. Helping children to understand their own learning style

One size certainly does not fit all and so often it takes students a long time to understand how they learn best, especially if they haven’t been able to experiment with a range of learning styles. Working with a tutor can provide students with the freedom and flexibility to explore learning in a different context.

4. Students learn to advocate for themselves

Linked to the above is the notion of student advocacy. So often students do not know how to communicate what they need in a classroom and a tutor can equip them with the advocacy tools needed to ensure they can flourish.

5. Consistent reinforcement of core concepts

Often during the course of the school year, concepts, ideas and themes may be explored but due to the time constraints of the curriculum, students may have to move on swiftly. Working with a tutor allows students the opportunity to repeat skills and concepts, solidifying them over time.

6. Students can indulge their passion and go from good to great

One of the biggest misconceptions about tutoring is that it is only worthwhile if a child is struggling and this couldn’t be further from the truth. Although in private schools such as Park Street there is more flexibility to go beyond the scope of the curriculum, many students are constrained by the curriculum. Working with a tutor allows students to customize their learning and indulge their passions. This will turn them into passionate lifelong learners.

7. Tutoring builds confidence and self-esteem and reduces stress and anxiety

Working in a one-to-one setting allows students to have instantaneous feedback, something that feeds into their confidence and self-esteem, something that is of the utmost importance to their wellbeing both mentally and academically.

Find the perfect tutor for your kid with Park Street's Lightbulb Lab After-School Programs for individual tutoring or group enrichment courses. Whether your child needs to individualized attention or a group setting to learn, we can support your child!

(Photo description: Tutor and student working together on schoolwork.)

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