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5 Benefits to Online Learning

Online learning tends to have a bad reputation and I can understand why. I would go so far as to say that many parents and children across the world were detrimentally impacted by the shift to online learning during the pandemic. Many schools and teachers were completely ill-equipped to manage this transition. When done properly, there are many incredible benefits to learning online and at Park Street, we break down negative stigmas surrounding online learning by focusing on what online learning can truly offer.

Here are my top five advantages to online learning:

Kid writing on notebook, in front of computer screen on a video call with tutor.
Photo By Julia M Cameron

1. Accessibility

When I say accessibility, I mean it in a number of different ways. Firstly, geographical accessibility – kids can be anywhere in the world and can join their lessons, providing they have access to a device and a stable internet connection. Parents and guardians do not have the additional task of commuting to an after-school activity whilst also trying to juggle their own commitments which saves both time and money. It’s a win win! It also provides accessibility for kids who may have a physical or socio-economic barrier to attending in-person classes. Additionally, course materials for your child’s online course can be accessed at any time over the Internet, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year so missing a class isn’t as detrimental to learning.

2. Inclusivity and Relationship Building

In group classes, students will have access to teachers and students from all different walks of life, enabling them to socialize and learn with people who aren’t simply from their geographical area. Students will be able to see how people from different cultures and backgrounds approach their learning, helping them nurture their own learning skills. This also builds tolerance and empathy.

3. Anxiety-Reducing and Confidence Building

Learning from a safe space – whether that be at home or in a community centre – can be incredible for kids who struggle with school anxiety. Providing them with different ways to communicate e.g. private / public messaging on Zoom or speaking on camera can enable them to engage with learning in a way that’s comfortable for them.

4. Improved Technical Skills

By virtue of being on a computer during online lessons, students can learn new technology skills and become more proficient with the keyboard and online websites and applications. More and more companies are shifting to remote or hybrid workforces and whilst this is a result of the pandemic, research suggests that this way of working is here to stay. Consequently, it is essential that students start to learn how to collaborate in a virtual setting so not only will online learning help them with their academic progress, but it will also endow them with skills that will be instrumental in myriad workplaces.

5. Parental Access to Student Learning

No longer do parents have to wait until parents’ evenings or report cards to be sent out for a meaningful update about their child’s learning. At Park Street we use TutorBird, a tutoring management software, where lesson content and updates are shared after every single lesson so that parents have access to immediate feedback. This helps parents keep a finger on the pulse of their child’s learning.

There are many more benefits which we’d love the opportunity to discuss with you. Did we miss any of your top ones?

Please get in touch with us if you’re considering online learning but aren’t sure how it will benefit your child. You can contact me directly -

(Photo description: Kid writing on notebook, in front of computer screen on a video call with tutor.)


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