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Make an Educated Gift on Giving Tuesday

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

On November 30th, Canadians will be encouraged to support their favourite charity as part of Giving Tuesday.

Giving Tuesday is an international movement to support our communities through financial aid, volunteerism, or other forms of donations. It is the unofficial start of the giving season and ensures that seasonal generosity extends beyond gift buying for family and friends. It is now the season to think of others who are part of underserved communities.

You often hear the adage in the not-for-profit sector that organizations are trying to provide their beneficiaries with a hand up, not a handout. Interestingly when it comes to donations to educational organizations, this phrase now takes on a philosophical meaning. Beyond creating peace of mind, you are also enriching a child’s mind by supporting an education-based charity.

A child that receives a proper education will help break whatever cycle of inequity they were born into. They will be led to a progressive road of success: continuing education and stepping into a rewarding career. This child will be guided to stay on the tracks and away from potential pitfalls and traps.

This child will not only be able to help pave the way for a better path for themselves, but they will also be able to support all those around them. For example, a better educated young adult can help older familial generations deal with governmental, financial, and institutional challenges. They can be a role model for siblings, cousins, and friends, showing them that education is the best path out of a complex situation. They will become a leader in their community.

In addition to helping the student, the donor also supports the teachers involved. Not only do teachers educate our youth, but they also fundraise for supplies, they build curricula and materials, and they manage their own professional development too. The ecosystem around a student begins with the educator. They are often the unsung heroes when we think about supporting education.

In the past eighteen months, as I have tackled my social justice journey, I have had the opportunity to engage with students, graduates and non-graduates from all levels of education from across the country. It has become so clear to me that education, mentorship and sponsorship are the clear long-term solutions to the challenges facing those less fortunate in our country.

It is clichéd and predictable for me to end this discussion with a recommendation that you become educated about the benefits of education. But I believe when you do, you will see your way to contributing to the future of our country.


This Giving Tuesday, donate to Park Street Education, a non-profit, progressive school committed to closing the equity gap in and removing barriers to education. Park Street works with organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto to ensure that for every tuition-paying student at Park Street, a child from an underserved population received a full scholarship.

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