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Our innovative supplemental courses provide students with support and extended learning opportunities in core subjects. These 12-week, after-school lessons are interactive and are conducted live by an OCT qualified or equivalent teacher. Students will take part in discussions, class activities, and short homework assignments that aid or extend their knowledge of their current curriculum.

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Foundational STEM - Grades 4 to 6

Working in small classes of 12 students or fewer, children explore topics and activities related to the Elementary Grades Science and Math Ontario Curriculum. Children learn and practice the foundational skills of math and science to prepare them for increasingly complex concepts and material. Students leave Foundational STEM with confidence in their understanding and the necessary knowledge to advance their studies through future grades.

Extended STEM - Grades 7 to 8

In Extended STEM students join a dynamic classroom of like-minded peers who are eager to enrich their understanding and application of the STEM. Using prior knowledge of STEM curriculum, students will be challenged to apply core science and math concepts to real world situations. Topics may include the creation of drone technology, cracking the ENIGMA code, or video game programming. Students leave Extended STEM with a strong foundation to pursue post-secondary studies and careers in STEM industries.

Foundational English - Grades 4 to 6

Put simply, we aim to develop life-long readers and Foundational English is the perfect place to start. Here, students are equipped with the skills and tools necessary for thriving in the English classroom as they explore the literary globe, expand their imagination and discover new worlds through the written word. Students in Foundational English return to their English classroom ready to discuss, debate, and delve into a plethora of topics with confidence.

Extended English - Grades 7 to 8

Extended English fulfills all of the aims of Foundational English with the added challenge of exploring more complex texts. This course is designed to provide children access to the breadth and depth of the literary sphere and to expose them to the literary works of authors who are yet to make their way into the standard curriculum. Students in Extended English foster their passion for the literary world, and work to attain critical-thinking and writing skills that form building blocks for their future academic endeavours and beyond.

Foundational French

Learning French as a second language can be a fun and rewarding experience, and one that provides ample opportunities in post-secondary studies and employment. Students in Foundational French will work in small classes of 12 or fewer to explore topics related to the Ontario Curriculum and develop confidence in using their French language skills. Students focus on mastering the building blocks of the French language – vocabulary, proper pronunciation, and rules of grammar are interwoven in engaging lessons. Students return to their Core French classes confident in their knowledge and understanding, and ready to discuss, in French, a plethora of topics.

Extended French

Students in Extended French possess a passion for the French language and are eager to become fluent. The course is designed to allow extended or immersion students to explore and stretch their mastery of the French language. Using the building blocks from Foundational French, students in Extended French will be presented with more challenging texts and topics to read and discuss with like-minded peers.

Extended STEM or Foundational French
Foundational STEM or Extended French
All courses begin the week of January 10, 2022 and run for a 12-week period.
Single Course
2 - Course Bundle
3 - Course Bundle