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 The Park Street Education Student   Scholarship Fund 

 Help Create Equitable Opportunities 

Creating Equitable Opportunities for Underserved Youth 

Some kids face the inequities in the education system everyday; inequities that have only been exacerbated by the pandemic. The Park Street Education Student Scholarship Fund supports them by providing high quality and equitable education to help guide them to graduation. All donations will contribute will provide youth from underserved populations with free Tutoring and Enrichment Courses participation which includes educational textbooks, supplies, and activities.

Socioeconomic Barriers

49% of Canadian Youth face specific socioeconomic barriers that impact their chances of graduating from high school and pursuing post-secondary opportunities. 

Accessibility Limitations 

One-third of Canadian households in low-income or rural communities do not have access to laptops, connectivity and personal learning spaces, and limited to no access to social, developmental and academic supports.

One Size Doesn't Fit All

Too often students are forced into a one-size fits all program which few benefit from and alternatives come at a high cost. Research indicates this is one of the main factors contributing to an average high school dropout rate of 21% across Canada and over 50% in underserved communities.

Our mission? It’s simple: Making quality education accessible to all.

Are you in?

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A tax receipt will be issued for each donation received online of $3 or higher and each donation received by cheque or wire transfer of $25 or higher. We would be grateful for your generous support in making a scholarship possible for a young person.

To learn more about Park Street Education or to nominate a young person in your community contact us at

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