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  A day in the life of  
  a Park Street student.  

Being a Park Street student means that every day is new and exciting.
Here’s a sneak peek at what a typical day of learning could look like.


Wake Up

Wake up at home, or at the cottage. You can even sleep in to be well rested for the school day ahead! At Park Street, the curriculum travels with you.



Enjoy Breakfast with the Family

Start the week off with a nice family breakfast, chat about current events, and give your pet a cuddle before the school day begins!



Get Ready for the Day in Homeroom

Join your homeroom class and meet classmates living from coast to coast! Miss Lisa will help you set up your school day for success!


We’ve incorporated gym class into homeroom, so you’ll be using random objects as weights, working to break your own jumping jack record, or maybe leading the class in stretching. Every day is different!


World Enrichment Class

Your first lesson of the day will be in World Enrichment, a combination of English, Humanities and Social Studies. Dive into a new text, explore a documentary, or listen to an awesome guest speaker.



Wellness Break

Every day, you have 15 minutes to take a break, grab a snack, or check in on your pets.



STEM Class

Get a hands-on science experience using one of Park Street’s at-home education kits in STEM Class. Create a lava lamp, make a volcano, make orange fizz, or build a marshmallow launcher!



French Class

Bonjour! You can brush up on your français in French class with Madame Caroline.



Lunch Time

Sit down with your family for a well-deserved break and fuel up for the rest of the day. Try making one of the tasty recipes you’ve learned in class.



Exploratory Class & Free Period

We invite a variety of guest speakers from around the world to enhance the curriculum and discuss current global events, so every exploratory class is different. Learn more about the play you’re studying from a world renowned playwright, or have a museum guide answer all of your dinosaur questions on the Triassic period.


Join classmates from different grades and work on your term project together, or get extra help from one of your teachers and make use of your free period.



Extra Curriculars & Clubs

Spend time with classmates while exploring more of your passions and hobbies by joining extracurricular activities and clubs.


Become a part of Model UN and play the role of delegate from different countries, join our Roblox club, or learn how to code. Interested in something else? Start your own after school club!


Supplemental STEM & English Classes

Get ahead on your studies by joining Mr. Moussa or Ms. Leach in afterschool STEM and English classes.



Field Trip Fridays

Meet up with classmates and teachers for field trips on the occasional Friday for fun, hands-on learning!


Please note, depending on COVID-19 vaccine rollout, we may include more options for in-person learning and activities.


Park Street also offers a Hybrid model where students can join Park Street part-time and remain in their homeschool. Ask us for more information on our Hybrid Model offering.

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