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  The Park Street  

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 Your child can learn how and where they learn best.  

Park Street is about accessibility, providing options that best suit each child and family to allow students to thrive and learn in the new world. Your child’s education goes where they go. Our curriculum is taught through a combination of classroom instruction and experiential learning activities.


At Park Street, your child’s education is customizable. You can choose to experience our five Learning Pillars in a way that best suits your child’s individual needs, whether it be through live, virtual instruction, in-person or a hybrid of live, virtual or in-person learning that brings together students and teachers from across the country.  Our curriculum is progressive and relevant, integrating both historical and current topics and content into all subjects.

A large circle in the centre saying The Park Street Experience. This is surrounded by 6 other circles. 1. At home, live guided lessons 2. At home leaning kits 3. In person learning experiences 4. Enrichment days 5. Co-Curricular activities 6. Clubs and extra curriculor activities
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