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 Cultivate the love of learning with us 

How do you want to get involved?

Become a Tutor

We aim for "light bulb" moments for every kid, and to get there,

we need excellent tutors, just like you.


Work directly with students in grades 4 to 12 across Canada


Access to free database of teaching resources, lessons, and materials


Full and part-time opportunities


Flexibility in work (online tutoring and flexible hours)


Mentorship from Senior Educators


Make a positive impact on students

Become a tutor for grades 4 to 12 in all subjects. 

Please note, all tutoring sessions are currently take place in a live, virtual environment. In-home and in-person tutoring will become available as restrictions allow. 

Interested in becoming at Tutor with Lightbulb Lab Tutoring?


Become a Volunteer

Guest Speaker for Lightbulb Lab Speaker Series

At Park Street we’re committed to adding life to learning. Our Guest Speaker Series exposes students to a variety of topics, interests and careers as shared by passionate subject-matter experts from around the world. With our Guest Speaker Series, students are exposed to and learn about a variety of topics from subject-matter specialists. 

Are you passionate about a topic, have proficiency in specific subject, or have a burning desire to impart to some wonderful young people? Please do!

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