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  How to Enrol 

Students do not need to complete entrance tests, have a long list of extracurriculars or write an application essay. Instead parents will first have a conversation with our Head Teacher.

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Initial Interest

Inquire via the contact form or send us an email at


Meet the Teachers!

We will schedule a Zoom call with you and our Head Teacher, Julie Champagne or Assistant Head Teacher, Sam Leach. 


Trial Day!

We encourage all prospective students to join Park Street for a trial day at no cost to get an understanding of our approach to learning, and meet the teachers and students.


Determine Tuition

We understand that tuition is not one-size-fits all. We are proud to offer an indexed tuition ranging from $7,500 to $14,200 as well as a full scholarship program. We will work with you to determine tuition that is suitable for your family. Learn more about are approach to tuition.



If Park Street is a good fit, we will process all registration!


Get Excited for your First Day at Park Street

We look forward to seeing our new students in class! 

He certainly enjoys school a lot more. The combination of of smaller classes, energetic and enthusiastic teachers, and less distractions is really paying off. 

Park Street Parent

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